[MISC] “Big Bang Alive GALAXY Tour 2012” Skin App on Google Play

- Description

BIGBANG Alive GALAXY Tour 2012 is a global concert tour sponsored by Samsung Mobile, to help hundreds and millions of BigBang fans worldwide meet their favorite artist. BIGBANG ‘s modern music style and Samsung’s GALAXY devices have come together to take an important step forward in the music industry. The forging of this new partnership will take the global popularity of both brands to new heights.

The BIG BANG GALAXY Skin app gives your mobile the most unique Interactive Screen Lock and Alarm ever! If you are a fan of BIG BANG, then don’t miss out on this great app!

- Lock Skin: Change your lock screen skin to BIGBANG’s Alive GALAXY Tour 2012! This highly interactive app even allows you to use your voice to unlock your phone.

- Alarm Skin: Imagine getting sleep and wake up alerts from BIGBANG everyday! This alarm skin comes with images and music from BIGBANG’s Alive GALAXY Tour 2012, plus you can meet BIGBANG anytime you set alarm. (Please stay tuned for more great additions to BIGBANG Galaxy Alarm Skin )

Download and enjoy the BIGBANG GALAXY Skin app today!

* Resolution and Compatibility are designed for the Galaxy S3.
* The Home Screen will be displayed When the device is immediately turned off and back on after touching the home button.
* The Lock skin needs some operation time to act on your phone after installation.

Source: Google Play Via: bigbangupdates.com

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